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Established in November 2002, JC Seafood has been in business over 15 years, with a collective 60 years of seasoned seafood experience between the company’s ownership. Our philosophy has remained the same throughout the years: Providing the highest quality product serviced through superb customer service.

JC Seafood offers a full line of fresh seafood products from salmon to snapper and everything in between. Our supplying partners are in over 15 countries worldwide and we proudly offer a diversified variety of products in many forms which we can customize in our state of the art, NSF and HACCP certified plants on premise at our Miami, Florida headquarters. Whether you need H&G, butterfly, fillet skin on or skin off, portions…..we can make it happen!

We are very in-tune to the fact that overfishing and poor fishery mismanagement have had an adverse effect on fish stocks worldwide. Therefore, we have focused very heavily in aquaculture, especially environmentally friendly methods, to offset the wild fishery pressures. In our humble opinion, JC Seafood will make your company’s future a profitable one. Once you try us, you are hooked for life.

Our 20 dedicated employees look forward to servicing your company in the future!

James O’Hanlon
Owner | Purchasing Agent | Sales
M: 561.654.5981 | Email: Jimmy@JCSeafood.com

Carlos Sanguily
Owner | Purchasing Agent | Sales
M: 305.804.0900 | Email: Carlos@JCSeafood.com

Michael O’Hanlon
Owner | Purchasing Agent | Sales
M: 305.803.5136 | Email: Michael@JCSeafood.com

Yvette Gonzalez
Owner | Controller
M: 786.299.2765 | Email: Yvette@JCSeafood.com

Mike Cone
M: 305.632.8058 | Email: MikeC@JCSeafood.com

Zeke Gonzalez
IT Manager
786.271.9899 | IT Questions